Amazing People Schools

A digital solution for schools to support students' character development, wellbeing and cross-curricular learning. 

Amazing People Schools is an online learning platform that helps schools around the globe to inspire the next generation of leaders, achievers, blue sky thinkers and glass ceiling breakers, through the lens of role models and character. 

Amazing People Schools brings together historical and contemporary trailblazers who have character at their core and provides schools with high quality, time saving resources to use in the classroom and beyond. 

With subscriptions starting from £200 a school, Amazing People Schools offers a budget-friendly solution for schools across the globe. 

A Story of Two Halves

Teacher Platform

Hundreds of downloadable resources, PowerPoints and teaching guides are readily available for all teachers.

Student Platform

Video, audio and written stories of our amazing people are designed to support the teaching resources. They can be used as part of a lesson, or students can work through them at their own pace.

What's Included in a Subscription ?

Our whole school annual subscriptions start from a cost-effective £2 per pupil*. 

A story library of over 50 amazing role models, including Aneurin "Nye" Bevan.

Hundreds of resources which help students to identify and develop character strengths.

Resources designed specifically to support representation, equality diversity, inclusion and SEND. 

Designed for Students Aged 5 to 16

Primary Platform

A bright, engaging and fun platform awaits younger pupils, with all resources differentiated by age spanning the Early Years, 5-7 & 7-11 age groups. 

Listen to what some of our users have to say. 

Secondary Platform

Designed to engage older learners, the secondary school portal features more complex stories and resources - suitable for learners between 11-16 years old. 

Listen to what some of our users have to say.

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